FDCNC 350 Final

The Desert News Article:  My view: Cutting methane waste provides chance to purify air, boost economy is speaking to us to let us know that Methane is polluting a great chunk of the state of Utah.

  • What is my claim?

Cutting methane waste provides chance to purify air

  • Who is the audience for this argument?

Population of Utah, Naturalist, Families, Environmentalists

  • Support for my claim:

Only two counties outside of California and Texas made the top 15 list of most-polluted counties — and both are in rural northeastern Utah. With that being said, More than 138 million people, nearly 44 percent of the nation, live in areas plagued with dirty air.

The Article went on to state that the “Increase in smog can cause serious health impacts, including aggravated asthma, chronic bronchitis and heart attacks. This adds up to the new reality for everyday Utahns like you and me — lost school and work days, more frequent hospital visits and higher health care costs.”  This general principle shows us that we do not want to pay more money for doctor visits just for breathing in dirty air. We do not want to have anything like such affect us.

For the first time in the “State of the Air” report, Utah’s rural Uintah and Duchesne counties were both among the top-25 worst counties for ozone. (In 2013, both counties had a combined population of approximately 55,000; Los Angeles had a population of nearly 4 million.) These two counties also have the most oil-and-gas producing wells in the state.






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