Choice 4: Jeremiah 16:1–21. Old Testament Destruction and Latter Day Hope

a. Read Jeremiah 16:10–13 and list five reasons why Jeremiah prophesied that Jerusalem would be destroyed and Judah taken captive.

  • Their fathers forsook Christ
  • They have worshipped other Gods
  • Have not kept the law of the Lord
  • They do not keep the commandments of God and basically do whatever they want to
  • They have not listened to God

b. Read Jeremiah 16:14–21 and describe in a few sentences what is prophesied to happen in the days to come. Additionally, answer the following questions:

The lost tribes of Israel will be gathered.  Missionaries will go into every country on every continent to seek out the elect of God.  The lost tribes will know who God is and will be able to choose either to follow or not.

How will the Lord take His word to the whole earth?

The Lord will use missionaries to take His word to the whole earth.  We see this today, especially with the recent lowering of a person’s age in order to be able to serve.

Why do you think the Lord used the terms fishers and hunters to describe what He would do? (see institute student manual commentary for Jeremiah 16:13–21, “Doom and Delivery,” pg. 241).

The Lord uses the analogy of fishermen fishing for men quite a lot.  When I served my mission, I was going out into the land and fishing or hunting for the elect, those who were prepared and ready to listen to the gospel and come unto Christ.  Just like fishing and hunting requires a lot of patience and skill, so does seeking those ready to come unto Christ.  It requires a lot of spiritual preparation and following the commandments of God.

According to Moses 7:62; Alma 22:14 what will be their message?

These messengers will carry the testimony of Christ and His ministry.  They will carry the message of repentance and the atonement.


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