Choice 1: Jeremiah 34–52. Prophecies Fulfilled, Jerusalem Destroyed

(a) Read 1 Nephi 1:4; Jeremiah 34:1–3 and refer to the Bible Dictionary chronology chart (pg. 639). Then answer the following questions:

• In what year of Zedekiah’s reign did Nephi begin his record?

The first year of the reign of Zedekiah, king of Judah.

• What did Nephi state was happening at this time in Jerusalem?

There were many prophets prophesying to the people that they must repent or the great city of Jerusalem will be destroyed.

b.   What was Jeremiah commanded to declare unto Zedekiah?

That the Lord will give the city to the King of Babylon and will be burned with fire and that Zedekiah would be captured and brought to the King of Babylon.

(c) Read Jeremiah 52:1–13 and the institute student manual commentary for Jeremiah 37–39, “A Prophet’s ‘Reward’” (pgs. 248–49). Describe in writing what took place. After reading Jeremiah 38:14–28; Jeremiah 39:1–7, write a description of the dialogue between Zedekiah and Jeremiah and the outcome that followed. What advice would you give Zedekiah?

Zedekiah became King after his wicked nephew.   Zedekiah wanted to destroy the Babylonian’s.  The Babylonians came against Jerusalem.  King Nebuchadnezzar pulled the Babylonians away for a time but they soon came back to fight Jerusalem.  Jeremiah’s enemies seized the opportunity to accuse him of joining the Chaldeans.  They asked for his life, but Zedekiah secretly let him go.  Zedekiah was met with a terrible fate. Jeremiah was released and lived in Jerusalem as a free man.

Zedekiah would not hearken to Jeremiah’s warnings.  Zedekiah wanted to keep these warnings a secret.  He did not want Jeremiah telling his people.  Jeremiah went to prison.  Zedekiah should of listened to Jeremiah’s warnings and in turn the Lord would have given him strength.


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