Choice 2: Ecclesiastes. Seeing Life Clearly

(a) Read the Bible Dictionary for “Ecclesiastes,” (pg. 659), and complete the following statements:

  • The book of Ecclesiastes consists of reflections on some of the deepest problems of life.
  • The author describes himself as son of David, king in Jerusalem.
  • Ecclesiastes is written from the point of view of the world.
  • Ecclesiastes should not be construed as theological pronouncements on the conditions of the soul after death.
(b) Read Ecclesiastes 1–2 and list five ways the author sought happiness but couldn’t find it. After each item on your list, write the reference of the verse where you found it.

He tried to find happiness by manual labor, trying to see, trying to hear, pleasures of the world and planting orchards.

(c) Read Ecclesiastes 3:1–8 and compare it with the principles that are taught in Mosiah 4:27; Doctrine and Covenants 10:4; 111:11; Luke 10:38–42. Write a paragraph describing why the timing and order of our activities are so important. Note some examples of how major events of life when done at the wrong time or out of order could seriously hurt an individual’s eternal progress. What do you think the Lord wants you to accomplish during this “time and season” of your life?

Timing in life is everything! There is a time and place for everything. I think a lot of people are spending too much time on things they think are “important” or what will make us happy. The Lord has already planned for us what needs to happen, and we need to put our trust in him.

(d) As you read Ecclesiastes 4–5, choose two principles to incorporate into your life. Write about them.

-It is better to have wisdom in the Lord than have the riches of the world. I can focus on coming close to the Lord and doing His will before worrying about riches.

-Keeping your promises. Never promise something you can’t follow through with.

(e) Read Ecclesiastes 12:7, 13–14 and answer the following questions:
  • What happens to us when we die?

We go to the Spirit World. Prison or Paradise.

  • What is “the whole duty of man”?

To fear God and keep His commandments.

  • Why is this a good description of man’s purpose?

It is because our purpose is to become like him and fear His disappointment in us. Doing this can be motivating for doing good.


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