Choice 2

(a)  Read the chapter summary for Habakkuk 1. Write a paragraph explaining how Habakkuk felt after learning what the Lord was going to do.
Habakkuk was dismayed when the Lord was going to allow the Chaldeans to overrun the land. Wickedness never prevails, but sometimes the Lord uses the wicked to fulfill his purposes. Habakkuk’s sadness is not unfamiliar to us. There are many times when we wonder why the Lord allows certain things to happen, especially to those who are righteous or innocent. But the Lord’s hand is in it.
(b)  Read Habakkuk 2:3–15 and compare it with Articles of Faith 1:9; Jacob 4:8; Doctrine and Covenants 101:32–34; 121:26–31; 130:18–19. Write a one-page paper on “Understanding and Obtaining the Knowledge and Glory of the Lord.” You may wish to use other scriptures to support your paper.
This life is based on faith and doing the things that will bring us back into the Lord’s presence. Therefore, the Lord doesn’t always reveal his knowledge to us. But he does let us know the things that we need to, and if we are willing to take the necessary steps, we will recognize it.
Personal revelation may be one of the hardest things for us to get a solid grasp on and fully understand in this life, and yet when understood and utilized it can bring immense comfort, direction, stability, peace of mind, and direct communication to us from the Lord. Revelation is a very personal thing, and the more we learn to understand how the spirit communicates to us, the closer we will become to the Lord. Through revelation we can also gain great understanding and knowledge that no other means could provide.
The simple things in life can have some of the greatest effects. When we have a problem in life, we automatically want to blame it on some big circumstance that caused it to happen. What we are working to become rolls over into every day, overlapping extensively into every aspect of our lives. If we have a solid root in basic principles, we will have our minds and hearts in line with the Lord’s and see things as he does.  

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