Choice 1: Hosea. Hosea Called the Children of Israel to Return unto the Lord

(a) Read about “Hosea” in the Bible Dictionary (pg. 705). Write a paragraph about Hosea using the following questions as an outline:

• Where did Hosea live? Northern kingdom

• What is unique about him? Written prophecies

• When did he live?Latter part of the reign of Jeroboam II but before Pekah’s accession in 736 B.C.

• What was the condition of the people of Israel at the time? Very wicked

(b) Read Hosea 1 and the institute student manual commentary for Hosea 1–14, “The Manner of Prophesying among the Jews” (pg. 103), and Hosea 1:2–3, “How Are We to Understand God’s Commanding Hosea to Marry a Harlot?” (pg. 104). Explain in writing who Hosea represents, who Gomer represents, and what is the message of Hosea 1.

Hosea represents the Lord and Gomer is the Israelites. It talks about the relationship between the Lord and His people in terms of a marriage. I find this point of view very intriguing because of my own perspective on my marriage. It definitely helps me understand the situation in a new light and what I should be doing better.

(c) Read Hosea 6:5; 12:10; Amos 3:7; Doctrine and Covenants 1:37–38. Write a paragraph from the information in these scriptures about the role of prophets and the revelations they receive.

These revelations come directly from the Lord. He speaks to us through the Prophets. I love the order in this church. It makes sense.

(d) Read Hosea 6:1–3, 6; 10:12; 11:8–9; 12:6; 13:4, 9–14; 14:1–9 and the institute student manual commentary for Hosea 10:12, “How Can Israel or Any Child of God Obtain Mercy?” (pg. 109). Write a paragraph explaining the major theme of these verses. Which of these verses stand out the most to you and why?

Ephraim will repent near the end. I really liked Hosea 13:14. It talked of His power over the grave and death. He will be a plague to death. I really like that imagery.

(e) Explain in a sentence or two how Hosea 6:5; 12:10; Doctrine and Covenants 1:37–38; Amos 3:7 are connected.

They all speak of Prophets and how the Lord speaks and works through them. They are the ones we should really been listening to, and following what they say.


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