The Baptism of Christ

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This week in Religion 211 we read about Christ’s baptism and ministry here on earth.

Why was John hesitant to baptize Jesus?

John was hesitant to baptize Jesus because he knew Jesus was already perfect and did not need to repent.

What is taught here about the Holy Ghost?

We are taught that the Holy Ghost is a personage just like Jesus and God.

Even Jesus needed to be baptized and confirmed to receive the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost symbolizes the sign of the dove. The dove represents the purity and rebirth.

Jesus Christ said He must be baptized to “fulfill all righteousness.” List three reasons why Jesus Christ was baptized (see 2 Nephi 31:6–11).

Jesus wanted to be an example to the world. If they followed his example then they would want to be baptized too.

To please God “this is my beloved son, of whom I am well pleased” Matt 3:17

Baptism is the first essential part of our eternal salvation And even Christ needed to accomplish it.

What evidence is found in Matthew 3:16–17 that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are three separate personages in the Godhead?

God spoke from heaven showing that he was pleased with his “beloved son” choice to be baptized and confirmed.

The “Sprit of God,” also known as the Holy Ghost, came down like a dove before God.  From this we know the Holy Ghost is a separate person.


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