This week we discussed ranking and link building. We also talked about Google analytics and ways to find our worst keywords or landing pages. When we talked about link building we had to create a plan to gather links to our page. My plan was to gather links through an Instagram page. I can post my links to the Instagram page on the Facebook account of my shop and also on my own personal account. It will even work for my own personal Instagram. The links will be directed to my home page and then I can see if I get any click throughs to my other pages. When we talked about google analytics I was found quite misunderstood. I honestly didn’t understand how to find the information that was required for the essay. I found that the slideshow information was kind of unhelpful. Maybe I misinterpreted them. Personally I think that majority of my keywords are not the best.  Something that I noticed from my time trying to figure out Google Analytics was my page views. I have noticed that they have gone up since the last time I checked. The only problem is that the average time spent on my page was very low and I know that I need to update my information on my website ASAP. I plan to go through my AdWord Campaign and re-do some of my keywords to get better statistics.


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