In this weeks lesson I found out some valuable information about Google analytics. It helps you find more visitors to your page. It shows what pages they viewed most and the reports can help you know what you could fix on your website. It is free of charge so if it doesn’t end up being a benefit to your business it wont affect you losing money because you don’t have to spend any. It helps to improve your mobile app version as well. I have applied myself and my website to using this for my business. I used the code and pasted it to my webpages. I like being able to see how long people stay on each page. I like that you can connect it with your Adwords campaign. I have been looking under the search queries and seeing which keywords are getting the best results. It has been very informative and useful.

When it comes to the relevance and quality score we were asked to list three things that it can help improve. My list of those things were:

  • By making your ad and landing pages more relevant
  • By making your account more successful in the regions you’re trying to target
  • By the historical clicks and impressions your display URL has received

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