B250 – Lesson 6 Reflection

In lesson 6 I put into perspective the importance of AdWords and how they work. They have different aspects to them and they all tie together to get the best outcomes. I learned that all my keywords link to my AdWord Campaigns. Keywords are words or phrases you choose that can trigger your ad to show on search and other sites. I think that the characteristics of a good keyword would be relevant and high-quality. You don’t want keywords that do not apply to the product or service you’re trying to sell or advertise for. It would not make sense to have a keyword that would be opposite to what you actually want. Characteristics of a bad keyword be irrelevant and poor quality. I kind of came to a realization that it is okay to have keywords or phrases that are similar, in a sense. I really liked the reading about how keywords work. You want your keywords to be relevant and high-quality. In the reading it talked about how keywords that are too general make it difficult to reach out to the customers, so you would potentially make less money. I feel like my list could use some work and I could surely add more to it! I am still not sure about the bidding and the amount I want to pay for my AdWords but they will help my rank and post visits to my site.


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