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This week we learned about the ROI tracking and conversion tracking. Conversion Tracking is a free tool that shows me what happens after a customer clicks on my ads. So basically a conversion is when someone completes something on my website. It could be purchasing something or even just clicking on different things on my page. Something that I found interesting was that the conversion tracking tool can help me see which keywords are helping me meet my goals by connecting them to actions.  When talking about the ROI I was confused and not sure what it really meant. From the reading assignments I found this: “ROI is the ratio of your net profit to your costs. It’s typically the most important measurement for an advertiser because it’s based on your specific advertising goals and shows the real effect your advertising efforts have on your business. The exact method you use to calculate ROI depends upon the goals of your campaign.” Generally the ROI stands for return of investment.



In this weeks lesson I found out some valuable information about Google analytics. It helps you find more visitors to your page. It shows what pages they viewed most and the reports can help you know what you could fix on your website. It is free of charge so if it doesn’t end up being a benefit to your business it wont affect you losing money because you don’t have to spend any. It helps to improve your mobile app version as well. I have applied myself and my website to using this for my business. I used the code and pasted it to my webpages. I like being able to see how long people stay on each page. I like that you can connect it with your Adwords campaign. I have been looking under the search queries and seeing which keywords are getting the best results. It has been very informative and useful.

When it comes to the relevance and quality score we were asked to list three things that it can help improve. My list of those things were:

  • By making your ad and landing pages more relevant
  • By making your account more successful in the regions you’re trying to target
  • By the historical clicks and impressions your display URL has received

B250 – Lesson 7 Reflection

In lesson 7 I learned about text Ad’s and the ways to create successful ones. Text Ad’s are the simplest version of the online ads through the AdWords. They will most always have three parts: a headline, a display URL, and a description. I think that the headline of the these ad’s are the most important part of them all. This is because there is not a flashing banner, picture or something that is really attention grabbing. It is just all text and if the header is weak the entire ad will be weak.

These can be tricky and I felt that I kind of over thought the entire process when it was actually really easy.

A few tips from the reading that I found helpful were:

Include at least one of your keywords
Keywords in your ad text show your ad’s relevance to what people want.

Match your ad to your landing page
Have a look at the page that you’re linking to from your ad (the landing page), and make sure that the promotions or products in your ad are included there. People might leave your website if they don’t find what they expect.

Empower customers to take action
Are you selling something? Tell people what they can buy. Are you offering a service? Tell people how to contact you. Calls to action like purchasecall todayorderbrowsesign up, or get a quote make clear what the next steps are.

B250 – Lesson 6 Reflection

In lesson 6 I put into perspective the importance of AdWords and how they work. They have different aspects to them and they all tie together to get the best outcomes. I learned that all my keywords link to my AdWord Campaigns. Keywords are words or phrases you choose that can trigger your ad to show on search and other sites. I think that the characteristics of a good keyword would be relevant and high-quality. You don’t want keywords that do not apply to the product or service you’re trying to sell or advertise for. It would not make sense to have a keyword that would be opposite to what you actually want. Characteristics of a bad keyword be irrelevant and poor quality. I kind of came to a realization that it is okay to have keywords or phrases that are similar, in a sense. I really liked the reading about how keywords work. You want your keywords to be relevant and high-quality. In the reading it talked about how keywords that are too general make it difficult to reach out to the customers, so you would potentially make less money. I feel like my list could use some work and I could surely add more to it! I am still not sure about the bidding and the amount I want to pay for my AdWords but they will help my rank and post visits to my site.