Monthly Archives: September 2014

B250-Personal Reflection: Lesson 1

During this weeks lesson I learned that it is a big task to take on a web/online business. I found it kind of confusing when learning about the principles of Demand and Competition. I know that they are both very valuable aspects to online businesses. Another thing I found useful was brainstorming ideas. Brainstorming the product idea first is better because it will help to keep things on a budget. Keeping a budge would help with problem and solution methods. Every problem is a potential opportunity for solutions that could be made into profitable products or services. Brainstorming about what market we would want to approach will help make the idea of what product or service to sell. Also by working towards each of our personal strengths can help to create a more successful business. When had the lesson about brainstorming ideas it really helped me to start to flow my ideas together and decide which ideas were the strongest ones. I still haven’t decided what I exactly want my web page to sell. I am nervous I am going to fail this class if it isn’t super great or amazing.