Project 7: Web Page


  • Description: A web page designed to showcase my personally created logo.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The process for the creation of my webpage go as follows. The program that I used was Text Wrangler. I opened the activity file that we used in class to use as a basis to my webpage. I changed the text to describe my logo and the things that was required for the project on the header and the unordered list bullets. I then saved that document as the HTML document. Next, I opened a new document to create my CSS stylesheet. Inside my stylesheet is where I did the “make-up” for my website. I first changed the background color of my website to red.  I changed the fonts to best match the context of my logo. I changed the background color to red. Inside my main header, also known as H1, I then added a background image using the image url. I added the background image information to my css stylesheet under the h1 tag. The image of the wake was then was added to my header. For my other header, also known as H2, I changed the color to match my background color of red. I then added my logo image to my website using the image url which was logo.png. I placed my image tags inside of div tags to be able to center my logo image through my css stylesheet. I placed breaks inside the div tags to let my logo image have more breathing room between the main header.
  • Message: Ollie X Wakeboards are perfect for shredders who want to flip ollies and do other tricks on the wake.
  • Audience: My target audience is wakeboarders across the nation. Rookies and professionals.
  • Top Thing Learned: How to change the background images in headers and main backgrounds.
  • Color scheme and color hex: White #FFF – Split Complementary- Red, Green, Purple #563694
  • Title Font Families & Category: Lucida Console – Sans Serif
  • Copy Font Families & Category: Lucida Sans Unicode – Sans Serif
  • Changes made to the CSS: I changed the font families, the background image in the header and I also changed the colors to match my logo.

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