Project 1 Flier





  • Description: A black and white promotional flier for a graduate leadership conference sponsored by Vouant Communications.
  • Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): The first step was to create enough sketches that I could narrow it down to just a few to finalize. I then picked my favorite sketch and began to process it in InDesign. I began to process how I wanted my layout to be and how I wanted my flier to flow from focal point to the central message. I used the black and white rectangles to contrast the title and logo. I also put a small border around the picture to create a more clean cut look.
  • Message:  The central message is to gain graduating students’ attention. Enough attention to gain an edge in the business world but the also get a good number of graduates to attend the conference.
  • Audience: Recent college, business majoring, graduates.
  • Top Thing Learned: I learned that it is important to know what you really want your message to be before you try to flow ideas. It is important that you send the correct message across. I also learned that some fonts do not go well together and it plays an important role in the flow of your projects. Another thing that I learned was to have an open mind when being critiqued. The critiques really helped me to create the best flier I could.
  • Title Font Name & Category: Charter Bold, Serif & Abadi MT Condensed Light, San Serif
  • Copy Font Name & Category: Minion-Pro, Serif
  • Links to images used in this project:

4 thoughts on “Project 1 Flier

  1. sammysarge says:


    Great job! The draft was good, but I like the final one you have here with the changes that were made. I like the diagonal flow with the title and logo boxes. I like that appearance much better than the first.

    – Sam

  2. emiliepasche says:

    Whitney, really appreciated your clean design. I think that the repetition of boxes really contributed to the the gestalt of the flier. I like your placement of the link for registration information. I also think that it was smart to break up the body copy how you did.

    Check out my flier and tell me what you think :

    Also, check out Noah’s, it came out really cool:

  3. alexadowns333 says:

    Whitney, I love the flow of your design! I also really like your font choices. Something else that I noticed is that you did a great job following the rule of odds. I think that the way that you separated things is really cool too.

    Here’s a link to my flier:

    Katie’s is awesome too:

  4. briallen13 says:

    Whitney, may I just say WOW. You design is very well done and I am very impressed how visually pleasing it is. Your repetition with the black lines gave a really great feeling to the whole design. I also appreciate your use of white space because your whole flier isn’t completely filled up or overwhelming. Here is a link to another great flier design.

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